Official and Professional Translations

We provide professional translations as a language service provider for English (British/American) and Spanish (Castilian).

Ausmon Solutions offers you a network of professional translators with experience in scientific, environmental, legal, industrial, technological, etc. projects.

Official translations 

Recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Panama.  

Legal documents 

Contracts, agreements, minutes, court proceedings and similar. 

Medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare documents 

Health records, medical and other health professional reports, articles for scientific journals, diagnoses, etc.  

Civil certificates 

Divorce, birth, marriage, police record and others.

Educational and academic documents 

Diplomas, academic credits and similar. 

A quality translation agency

We have professional translators from Spanish to English, as well as from English to Spanish.

The translated works are always delivered with the corresponding spelling and grammar correction.

Ask for a free quote! 

I have used Ausmon Solutions on several occasions to translate physiotherapy reports for my patients and will definitely use them again for their excellent service. 

Diederick Wharton

Physiotherapist, in FisioWharton

I used the services of Ausmon Solutions for the translation of some documents and at all times the attention was careful and fast. Very good value for money. The truth is that 100% recommended!  

Andrea Castillo

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Why choose Ausmon Solutions as your translation agency?

Ausmon Solutions is a translation company specialized in the English and Spanish languages. In our company we are firm...
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